So much going on, Playing with Japanese Friends PSYDOLL on 23rd March at the Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham, then on the 25th March we play with 90's rave legends Sheep On Drugs at The Gifford in Wolverhampton, then 14th April we try our luck with another Metal To The Masses because reasons, at The Flapper back in Birmingham, then on the 30th June we head over to a field in Northwood to play in a Field for the festival Goths On A Field! and then we stretch ourselves out on a UK tour with Japanese electro Pop Punk fiends Vaiwatt, starting on the 6th July we're back at the sunflower Lounge in Birmingham, then on the 7th July we head over to old favourite Percy's Cafe in Whitchurch and finally on the 8th July we wrap things up in London at The Dublin castle in Camden playing along side The Crippens and Anachistwood! after that lot we'll be totally knackered! 


Check out our Shows Page for full details! 

Dead Happy to play electro festival

Dead Happy head over to Sheffield to play along some Electro bad asses! Sunday 18th December! Check out the full details on our Shows page here

Dead Happy Discord HAS ARRIVED!

Come and have a chat with us, join in on the fun, be one of the kool kids!

Take me to the Dead Happy Discord

"This Fine Art Of Making Ghosts" OUT NOW on streaming services! 

So yeah, we're getting round to releasing our stuff onto streaming services now because apparently that's what all the cool kids are doing? but I wouldn't know, when I was a kid everyone would just steal a bit of their parents alcohol, mix it all into a big bottle and then drink it behind the bike sheds! Whatever! We did at least get some cool art work for this release which you can see below! Got it from our good friends at Laughing Raven Creations whom you can check out here. 

If you like to download your music hop on over to our band camp!  

Dead Happy Bandcamp - "This Fine Art Of Making Ghosts

It's Here! It's arrived! 

Off Switch is finally on all Streaming Services for you to listen to! you can search or you can go through our handy hyperfollow link right here:


Dead Happy Finally Officially release "Off Switch"

4 years ago Dead Happy recorded their first music video for the single "Off Switch" and it was good, but at the time they had no idea how you could actually release it to the mass public UNTIL NOW! so if you're a fan of Mindless Self Indulgence, Twenty One Pilots or just feeling freaky, head over to our Hyperfollow link and get a pre save of the single! due to be released on Friday 26th March 2021. 

Pre save through our Hyperfollow link here:

Or if you want to relive the experience of a cute little robot trying to destroy itself check out the video here: 


New Release! Featuring Electric Six! 

Yes! from the band that brought you "Gay Bar" and "Danger! High Voltage!" they now join forces with Dead Happy to bring you "My Sex Appeal" check out the video here!


Dead Happy get a New Bassist!

Following on from the colossal world success of our Xmas video, this follow up charts the discovery of our new bassist. 

Beard Festival

Everyone likes a good old fashioned British Beard Festival. Best in the world. There may have been some crossed wires on this one...

Christmas 2017!

Its Christmas again. Its always bloody Christmas. So that means you'll be wanting another festive video. This ones particularly festive because it has aliens and death in it. See you in 2018 x

14th October 2017 - Halloween! We bloody LOVE Halloween!

More over the top promotion for gigs. Is anyone even watching this?!? Special thanks to Damien Ferne for helping us out with this one.