New Release! Featuring Electric Six! 

Yes! from the band that brought you "Gay Bar" and "Danger! High Voltage!" they now join forces with Dead Happy to bring you "My Sex Appeal" check out the video here!


Dead Happy get a New Bassist!

Following on from the colossal world success of our Xmas video, this follow up charts the discovery of our new bassist. 

Beard Festival

Everyone likes a good old fashioned British Beard Festival. Best in the world. There may have been some crossed wires on this one...

Christmas 2017!

Its Christmas again. Its always bloody Christmas. So that means you'll be wanting another festive video. This ones particularly festive because it has aliens and death in it. See you in 2018 x

14th October 2017 - Halloween! We bloody LOVE Halloween!

More over the top promotion for gigs. Is anyone even watching this?!? Special thanks to Damien Ferne for helping us out with this one. 

24th June 2017 - Fathers Day

Join us in congratulating Kreator for their parenting prowess

13th May 2017 - Euro Euro... Eurovision
It's Christopher's absolute favourite time of the year, and we get to see why
16th April 2017 - Easter!
Its Easter, and we have a little bit of history for you. Produced with the aid of National Geographic, Tony Robinson, and controversial yet entertaining posho David Starkey. 

28th March 2017 - Big Sweaty Men Clash in Genuine & Real Combat

We like wrestling. Well Jason likes wrestling. And if Jason likes wrestling you can bet your bottom dollar we will devote an entire well earned weekend to filming and editing an over the top wrestling video for no reason other than Wrestlemania is on next week or something. So enjoy yet more nonsense! 

23rd February 2017 - Off Switch Music Video Premiere!
Can you believe it, the music video for Off Switch has finally arrived! After quite some time stuck in a pre-production/production/post-production nightmare, its finally here! You can check it out below:

...And that's not all!

You can download a copy of Off Switch from the music tab on our site right here, completely for FREE! 

...And that's STILL not all!

We are very pleased to announce that Off Switch will be the lead single from our upcoming album entitled 'Mechana God' which will be released as soon as we get our shit together. More information coming soon.

25th December 2016 - Merry Christmas one and all!
Merry Christmas from Dead Happy! Get even more festive cheer to go with your festive cheer... here: