Dead happy return to form - the familiar taste of failure!

23rd June 2023

We lost at the Metal 2 the Masses final! Turns out we weren't in an alternate universe destined to play Bloodstock. All is right with the world.

 Massive congratulations to nameless who knocked it out of the park and go forwrad to play bloodstock 2023 - well deserved gentlemen! 



30th April 2023

How long will Dead Happys luck hold out? Will they be successful at the finals or will Professor Partorius get distracted by something shiny and forget to show up? Theres only one way to find out - by coming to the final on Friday 23rd June 2023 at the Devils Dog in Digbeth! Tickets here.


15th April 2023

In an odd turn of events, Dead Happy actually won a place in the semi finals of Metal To The Masses, we'll have to compete against 3 other bands at The Flapper in Birmingham on Friday 28th April in order to progress to the final. The semi final includes very special guests Broken Jaw to headline, so that will be nice, check out the details on our shows page. /shows


29th January 2023

So much going on! Playing with Japanese Friends PSYDOLL on 23rd March at the Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham, then on the 25th March we play with 90's rave legends Sheep On Drugs at The Gifford in Wolverhampton, then 14th April we try our luck with another Metal To The Masses (because reasons) at The Flapper back in Birmingham, then on the 30th June we head over to a field in Northwood to play in a Field for the festival Goths On A Field! 

And then we stretch ourselves out on a UK tour with Japanese electro Pop Punk fiends Vaiwatt. Starting on the 6th July we're back at the sunflower Lounge in Birmingham, on the 7th July we head over to old favourite Percy's Cafe in Whitchurch and finally on the 8th July we wrap things up in London at The Dublin castle in Camden playing along side The Crippens and Anachistwood! After that lot we'll be totally knackered! 

Check out our Shows Page for full details! 


Christmas 2022 - Second Coming

25th December 2022

Professor Partorius just want's to forget about Christmas this year, but a visit from an Angel has the pair rushing to get into the spirit, think "Christmas with the Kranks" but with mutant turkeys

Halloween 2022 - The Hand From Hell

31st October 2022

This year Professor Partorius just wants to stay home and watch scary movies, but a serial killer puts a stop to a relaxing night of horror movies!

Dead Happy to play electro festival

30th September 2022

Dead Happy head over to Sheffield to play along some Electro bad asses! Sunday 18th December! Check out the full details on our Shows page here

Dead Happy Discord HAS ARRIVED!

28th February 2022

Come and have a chat with us, join in on the fun, be one of the kool kids!

Take me to the Dead Happy Discord


Christmas 2021 - A COVID XMAS

25th December 2021

Merry Christmas! This year/ we did have a big video planned but a member of the Dead Happy Family caught a bit of the you know what and so for the safety of all involved we shut down filming until the new year.

I was able to make a new video on my own quickly (basically yesterday morning) sooooo yeah, enjoy this very cheap Die Hard knock off. Its a Facebook exclusive! https://fb.watch/kDyBJqZm_d

"This Fine Art Of Making Ghosts" OUT NOW on streaming services! 

23rd June 2021

So yeah, we're getting round to releasing our stuff onto streaming services now because apparently that's what all the cool kids are doing? but I wouldn't know, when I was a kid everyone would just steal a bit of their parents alcohol, mix it all into a big bottle and then drink it behind the bike sheds! Whatever! We did at least get some cool art work for this release which you can see below! Got it from our good friends at Laughing Raven Creations whom you can check out here. 

If you like to download your music hop on over to our band camp!  

Dead Happy Bandcamp - "This Fine Art Of Making Ghosts

Dead Happy Finally Officially release "Off Switch"

26th March 2021

4 years ago Dead Happy recorded their first music video for the single "Off Switch" and it was good, but at the time they had no idea how you could actually release it to the mass public. UNTIL NOW! So if you're a fan of Mindless Self Indulgence, Twenty One Pilots or just feeling freaky, find your streaming platform of choice through our Hyperfollow link here: 

Or if you want to relive the experience of a cute little robot trying to destroy itself check out the video here: 

Halloween 2021 - Ghosted

31st October 2021

When the Dead Happy crew come across a floating spooky cup they have to track down the spooky origin, only to be met with spooky consequences! Yes, it's another Halloween Episode!


Christmas 2020 - Me, My Elf and DIE!

25th December 2020

Merry Christmas and all that jazz! Here is our special Christmas episode! 


Halloween 2020 featuring NUDITY

31st October 2020

Halloween 2020! Yeah it kind of sucks! But what you going to do? Hunt for nude ghosts or just get an early night? 

Things to do in Lockdown

29th April 2020

Just a few ideas for you all during these trying times.

Goldfish Terror

17th April 2020

Lockdown madness is kicking in nicely now. Is it hunger or boredom? who knows? but you can keep downing that sugar! statistically you're more likely to be killed by a goldfish!

Welcome to Hell!

2nd April 2020

Professor Partorius finds himself lost and alone trapped in hell, but he finds out his punishment is both cruel and unusual! Massive thanks to our Demon Damien follow him on Instagram @1000014

New Release! Featuring Electric Six! 

1st January 2020

Yes! from the band that brought you "Gay Bar" and "Danger! High Voltage!" they now join forces with Dead Happy to bring you "My Sex Appeal" check out the video here!


Christmas 2019

25th December 2019

Don't you just hate it when Mince pies try to invade your home at Christmas, well Professor Partorius is taking it no more! Paying Tribute to the old action films that are on at Christmas, like commando, Die Hard, there are also others.


Dead Happy get a New Bassist!

1st June 2018

Following on from the colossal world success of our Xmas video, this follow up charts the discovery of our new bassist. 

Beard Festival

13th May 2018

Everyone likes a good old fashioned British Beard Festival. Best in the world. There may have been some crossed wires on this one…


Christmas 2017!

Its Christmas again. Its always bloody Christmas. So that means you'll be wanting another festive video. This ones particularly festive because it has aliens and death in it. See you in 2018 x

Halloween! We bloody LOVE Halloween!

14th October 2017

More over the top promotion for gigs. Is anyone even watching this?!? Special thanks to Damien Ferne for helping us out with this one.

Fathers Day

24th June 2017

Join us in congratulating Kreator for their parenting prowess

Euro Euro... Eurovision

13th May 2017

It's Christopher's absolute favourite time of the year, and we get to see why


16th April 2017

Its Easter, and we have a little bit of history for you. Produced with the aid of National Geographic, Tony Robinson, and controversial yet entertaining posho David Starkey.

Big Sweaty Men Clash in Genuine Combat!!

28th March 2017

We like wrestling. Well The Professor likes wrestling. And if The Professor likes wrestling you can bet your bottom dollar we will devote an entire well earned weekend to filming and editing an over the top wrestling video for no reason other than Wrestlemania is on next week or something. So enjoy yet more nonsense! 

Off Switch Music Video Premiere!

23rd February 2017
Can you believe it, the music video for Off Switch has finally arrived! After quite some time stuck in a pre-production/production/post-production nightmare, its finally here! You can check it out below:

...And that's not all!

You can download a copy of Off Switch from the music tab on our site right here, completely for FREE! 

...And that's STILL not all!

We are very pleased to announce that Off Switch will be the lead single from our upcoming album entitled 'Mechana God' which will be released as soon as we get our shit together. More information coming soon.

Thats all


Merry Christmas one and all!

25th December 2016

Merry Christmas from Dead Happy! Get even more festive cheer to go with your festive cheer... here:

These First Aid Kits Must be Glitched

4th August 2016
No matter how many first aid kits we throw at him, Christopher still isn't feeling well enough to perform live. Therefore Monday's gig at The Rainbow will be as a duo again. Just to reiterate from before; nothing is cancelled and we will still be bringing all the usual Dead Happy charm you know and love. So for hopefully just one more time, come and see freaky disco metal's answer to the finest musical duo that ever lived: Robson & Jerome


24th July 2016 
On 30th July 2016 we're heading back to the awesome Cogs Bar in Birmingham to force some freaky disco metal down people who never asked for its throats. They'll enjoy it really. As will we. Really interesting venue if you've not been - highly recommend a visit.

Event info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1731059550487058/

Artwork kindly knocked up by Emma Channell


14th July 2016

Disco can be a wonderful thing. Too much disco can be dangerous. Christopher will unfortunately be stepping down for the next few shows with Dead Happy due to illness. Shows affected as of todays date are:

Saturday 17th July - Flapper
Saturday 23rd July - SOPHIE charity gig in Portsmouth
Saturday 30th July - Cogs Bar (Birmingham)

But fear not! We will be continuing as a duo and no shows have been cancelled. Feel free to contact us for more information if needed.

Sophie Lancaster Foundation CD

31st May 2016

It's here! The album in which we somehow managed to wing ourselves onto - with the likes of Cradle of Filth, Delain, Arch Enemy, Die So Fluid & loads of other bands!

But in all seriousness, a great cause being promoted and celebrated here. Please do buy a copy or drop a donation their way - all money goes to the charity, so you dont have to worry that we're wasting it on lasers and uv paint.



16th May 2016

Heres a video of us kicking off May at the Rainbow on the 1st. Thanks once again to Midlands Punk Rock Video (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFakJ2vGpZt1XgS6i_-Yy9Q)

Music Video Shooting… BEGIN!

1st February 2016
We started shooting our first music video "Off Switch" today. Check out our own robot M.E.E.G.O in the back ground, for more photos check out our insagram at: https://www.instagram.com/deadhappyband/ and big thanks to our friends Matt and Dan at Lost World Films (http://lostworldfilms.co.uk/) for being truly excellent throughout the process.



20th December 2015 

Welcoming our new bassist and all round splendid chap - Harry Sequin!

When not shooting grouse on his extensive estate, Harry loves nothing more than slapping bass to some freaky disco metal. Lovely teeth too. 

Music Video Pre-Production

18th November 2015 

We're working with the excellent Lost World Films to create a music video for Offswitch. They made an advertising poster for us. So here it is.


23rd October 2015

All about lights and smoke recently, live show is coming along nicely. To exhilarate you, here is a light with some smoke:

Down Time

30th September 2015

Things have been pretty quiet for us lately. We've been recording and mixing some new stuff that will be out in 2016 which we have been working on pretty relentlessly. Live shows will commence again towards the end of the year, more details to follow!


June 2015

We're in the studio again. See you on the other side.