From the recording My Sex Appeal

In a darkened room on a dark night Dead Happy and Electric Six got together to form a song the likes of which have never been seen! and they called it "My Sex Appeal"

Electric Six of "Gay bar" and "Danger! High Voltage" fame loaned their magic to Freaky Disco Metal band Dead Happy fame, I guess they took pity on us, that or there was some mix up at the make a wish foundation.


There's just something
You can't deny
You can't hide it
Don't even try
You can ask
I'll tell you what you know
You can point
I'll tell you where to go

Rock and roll Master
It's what you're after
But you can't hide
From My Sex Appeal
Avoid disaster
And move much faster
But here's the deal
It's My Sex Appeal

In the factory
Where to begin
Reject bin
Use your brains
Or use your brawn
Got what it takes?
Then bring it on

Now don't go thinking
You're the only one
Just look at me
Look at how it's done
You heard it here
From the veteran hound
The only thing to look forward to
Is the breakdown